How To Increase Traffic to Blog

Hahaha… since yesterday launched of my blog, there is only one visit received to my blog and I suspect it was my own visit. That triggers me to write on this topic today. Of course, it is important to have quality contents to keep returning visitors by bookmarking to your blog. It will be a lost should you have lead visitors to your blog and they decided not to come back again. Here you are putting your blog reputation on stake.

After some researches, I have collected as many ways as possible below. Do let me know if there are more. Best suggested to do IF:

You have 0-100 visitors …

  1. Submit URL to traffic exchange site like trafficswarm – Low effectiveness.
  2. Submit to blog directories – Typing “article directory” or “blog directory” in Google. Low effectiveness.
  3. Ping your blog regularly – Pinging your updated blog everytime so major blog trackers know that you have updated your blog. Examples are pingomatic and weblogs.
  4. Publicise research – Drill deep into one issue and prove your research with statistics, make it debatable and create debates on your topic.
  5. Answer your comments faithfully – They are your future ‘friends’ or ‘customers’.
  6. Trackbacks – This is interesting! many blogs have trackbacks enabled, so they knows you link to them (I know what you did .. to my blog). If they are high ranked blog, you may attracts the author attention and potentially they link back to you.
  7. Write Squidoo “Lens” – Check cool Squidoo out! It’s a community website where users contributed or created answers to “how-to”s on whatever-you-can-think-of. create something relevant and link back, it has massive traffic.
  8. MySpace Marketing – Very interesting concept! MySpace has huge traffic. Join MySpace to make friends, create your profile and content, bring your friend back to your blog. That’s what friends are for … sharing of course “) More information, you can read MySpace marketing.

You have 101-1000 ++ visitors … (Most probably you already have your own host)

  1. Submit to google – A giant that leads you traffic, WordPress is one of the blogger engine that supported this.
  2. Share back links – Sharing/exchanging links with other blogs and sites with high page rank is very important. Highly effective in future.
  3. Natural search traffic from Search Engines – Highly effective way but also the toughest to do. The natural way is to make sure you have quality content, and this should work best. Proper search engine optimization (SEO) will also helps on this. For better effect, use your own domain name and host your own blogging software, enable permalinks, create unique title tags, enable trackback and ping functionality, ensure your blog pings pinging-services.
  4. Utilize Feeds – Use Feedburner to track your burned feed so youcan keep track on how many subscribe to your feed. Feed subscribers are traffic, and seldom they will unsubscribe. High effective way.
  5. Inter-link – Score links with other worthy bloggers that willing to exchange links with you. (Invite him or her to pay a visit to your blog.)
  6. Tail your traffic – Use Hit Tail to analyst search terms lead to your blog. Then you should SEO on the keywords identified. This is a free service.
  7. Create your community – Use MyBlogLog by Yahoo! to net a pool of fish who share the same interest.
  8. Join blog carnivals – Where bloggers from the same field gathers and gets promoted. Here is a list of Carnivals.
  9. Get traffic by commenting other bloggers – Be the the first few commentor of a post to a heavily tracficked blog. Using a user name similar to your blog. If policy allow to link back, do so!
  10. Create free give-aways – downloadable from your blog. e.g. eBooks, Newsletters, but make sure a link back in these docs to your blog.
  11. Pay per whatever – If you have the budget, pay per click using adwords, Yahoo! Overture advertising network; Pay per post or ReviewMe by other bloggers; Pay per “space” to buy link from Text-Link-Ads.
  12. Participate Yahoo! answer – Again, using signature when volunteer in answering questions. Yahoo! is top few search engine, worth the effort.

You have 1,000,000++ visitors …

  1. BlogBurst – Let blogburst to annouce your blog to the world through American newspaper’s websites (USA Today and Reuters), That’s right! you will be featured on newspaper! it’s also has a revenue sharing scheme but in turn you need to give up some rights for republishing, do read the T&C! However, do worry when you’re top 100 publisher only.
  2. Gets interviews – If you are ready, go to BloggerTalks.
  3. Get listed on news & blog aggregators – Some news aggregators will accept your submission if you’re good, and try to list by linking to top story within your first 100 words.

Others are like arose important news and run a contest, make friends with bloggers, be blog guests, be volunteers, be hired as a blogger, join forums & groups (Yahoo! groups, usenet), throw all your studies on your marketing courses if possible.

Above are collective of web contents and many bloggers works, credits should be given to Reviewszone,

As a conclusion, it is important to try on all possible ways to determine which effectively work best for you.


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