How To Increase Blog Traffic

I realized there are more ways that can be used to increase traffic to blog. Below I have collected another list in a similar order as to continue on my previous post “How to Increase Traffic to Blog

If you have noticed, I have changed my title slightly using “How to Increase Blog Traffic” instead of “How to Increase Traffic to Blog”, this is because I have did a simple check in Google and it seems the latter has much higher competitors. Therefore, I am betting my luck to see if it helps in traffic, will let you know if it wroks, so stay tuned!

So, here I will start with … Best suggested to do IF:

You have 0-100 visitors …

  1. Technorati taggingTechnorati is a search engine for blogs, tagging every keywords in post will significantly increase traffic. On every update, ping it in Technorati. Besides, SimpleTags is a WordPress Plugin for generating Technorati Tags. For more information on SimpleTags, you can refer here. Also, I recommend Ultimate Tag Warrior. Installation is a bit complex, so try K2, is a good idea.
  2. Blog ring or network – Submit to a blog network or blog ring is another excellent way to get more readers. E.g.,, and These are blog ranking website that makes your blog easier to find. Remember to select an appropriate category to post your blog in. For WordPress users, you can join Blogs Of The Day by installing the plugin, which uploads your blog stats directly to them. You can also take part in blog traffic exchange communities like BlogExplosion and BlogClicker, it gains traffic earning credit by reading other’s blogs.
  3. and Digg – These are social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks. I suggest posting a link on or Digg. If your page gets on the frontpage of Digg or on popular, you get traffic.
  4. Pack best posts with keywords – Even if you didn’t post frequently, they will stick to you for a while. Post it so search engines find you easily and rank good.
  5. Put best post permenantly on front page – It shows your credibility and ability in writing, increasing ‘stickiness‘ to your site and direct your best post to impress your new visitors.
  6. Point to other’s similar posts – By doing this, you are giving more information to your readers and yet linking to others, one stone kills two birds.

You have 101-1000 ++ visitors … (Most probably you already have your own host)

  1. Feedburner headline animator – The Animator is a dynamically generated graphic that fades between texts of 5 most recent feed. Only applicable to signed up publishers. For more information, please refer here. It will have some increase after a day or so.

Ok, been wondering around for a while and notices all the tricks played by bloggers are more or less all above. If you want further reading, check this out! “How to Attract Links and Increase Web Traffic – The Ultimate Guide


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  1. Thanks for sharing nice tips, I am agree with your all points

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