Unable to install and run XAMPP properly

Making XAMPP (Apache) work with IIS on Windows XP/Vista

Found out the hard way that the default XAMPP install for Windows will attempt to install Apache as a service configured to run on Port 80 (no surprise, and probably good default behavior). But, if you’re like me, and have IIS already installed and running, for whatever reason, you’ll probably want to configure XAMPP to run Apache on a different port.

I initially tried merely modifying the httpd.conf file located (on my system) at C:\xampp\apache\conf, but the service would still not run. So, through a bit of searching on the interwebs, I found out what exactly needs to be changed to allow XAMPP to co-exist with IIS configured to run on Port 80, and Apache (in my case) to run on Port 8080 (and SSL running on Port 4499):


Search for “Listen 80″, change to “Listen 8080″
Search for “ServerName localhost:80″, change to “ServerName localhost:8080″

Search for “Listen 443″, change to “Listen 4499″
Search for “”, change to “”
Search for “ServerName localhost:443″, change to “ServerName localhost:4499″
Then, you should be able to start Apache successfully through the XAMPP control panel.



  1. Lourdes said

    where shoud I search “Listen 80”

  2. Lourdes said

    Im sorry but it does not seem to work, I did exactly as you told me to!

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