Just call me the “Webmaniac”.

A Bachelor’s Degree (Hons) in Computing graduated from Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology in year 2001. March 2002, started as a full time java programmer in I-Wap Systems (Asia) Sdn. Bhd., a mobile solutions developer and 6 months later transferred to sales team in the same company and promoted to Senior Business Development Executive in next year.

On October 2004, joined WebNIC.cc (Qinetics Solutions Berhad) as Account Manager, an established Internet domain registrar and internet solution provider.

Back then, I was taking the lead role in selling hosting industry domain names, control panel & other related products/services to hosting companies in a B2B business model (managing distribution partners’ activity) within entire Asia Pacific region (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Indonesia).

I was promoted to Sales Manager (Head of Sales Department) in 1 year 3 months and responsible for the entire sales team activities from initial point of contact to closing and 2 Account Managers. I was also involved in company management decision and suggestions and took lead in new business development and opportunities to accommodate business expansion.

My contribution to this company was approx 6 million USD$ Sales in 1st half 2006 in which sales in Mar 2006 compared to Feb 2006 tripled. I was the highest sales achiever in 2005 & 2006.

Besides that, I had been a freelance web designer and developer since college. In October 2004, I had setup a network doing online marketing to merchants in United Kingdom. I created online marketing campaigns and websites to generate traffic and eventually converted to sales, total revenue to all merchants was £97,983.88.

I was also the Silver Award Winner of HSBC Young IT Entrepreneur Awards 2002.

In December 2006, I decided to find new challenges and opportunities by working on my own.

and today …



  1. Todd said

    Just wanted to say you did a real nice job on the recent site buying post.


  2. Todd said

    D’oh – thought that was a contact form – not a comment field (i’m really not a newb – just not fully caffeinated:) Feel free to delete these both.

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